Love Notes

Christine R. , married on 05/04/2024

Kept us calm amidst the chaos that accompanies wedding planning

Jaime is incredible, as is her assistant Carlos! Jaime was there for me every step of the way. She knew what we wanted and on the day of the wedding was able to get things done without having to check with us. She kept us on time and reminded us of things that needed to get done. She kept me calm amidst the chaos and made sure we had the best time! I cannot recommend Jaime enough! She was so professional and knowledgeable! She expertly navigated family dynamics and made sure we did everything we wanted for our wedding! Thank you Jaime for listening to us and helping our vision come to life!

Maggie C. , married on 09/29/2023

Incredibly talented in orchestrating all the tiny details

Jaime, there aren’t enough words to describe how grateful and blessed we were to have you alongside us during the past year! Thank you for everything you did, especially all the behind-the-scenes efforts and all you’ve done to make our Wedding hopes, dreams and wishes come alive! You are incredibly talented in orchestrating all the tiny details, and making sure our visions were met. We couldn’t have done this alone. Thank you for answering our late night text messages, for scheduling calls after work hours because that’s when we were free, for revising the timeline a dozen times because new ideas came up all the time, for making sure we had all of our questions answered and for being so kind and loving even when others aren’t. We will forever cherish it all 🙂


Jaime R. , married on 01/29/2022

Exactly the planner you need for your wedding

As we began our search for a wedding planner, we had in mind that planning a wedding would be chaotic. But during our first conversation (& ever since), we felt so much calmness. Jaime was calm, cool, and collected, and there for us at any moment of the day. Jaime guided us in the direction of which vendors to hire, but still allowed us to keep our options open and research others at times we wanted to expand our search. In the end, we trusted Jaime, hiring all the vendors Jaime suggested and gushed about. I could not be more grateful for our gut feeling in hiring her (which sounds so odd because I truly feel like she was just being a really great friend helping us plan our wedding) and hiring all the vendors she suggested. The band, photographer, and florist. Everything was knocked out of the park.

I could write a novel not only about our wedding but about the planning process with Jaime. She was like my other half for nearly 8 months and truly became such a great friend through it. People would tell us “oh things will go wrong with the wedding or you’ll forget little details, but just go with the flow, no one will notice.” Too bad those people weren’t lucky enough to find Jaime! We’ve kept repeating since the night of our wedding that our wedding was quite literally perfect. Beyond perfect. Every detail was there, every vendor came through above and beyond, and it was all because of the ringleader: JAIME. We could not be more grateful, blessed, and honored to have found her. Our dream wedding came true because of Jaime. She is such a sweet, patient, gem.

Jaime, we can’t thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you!!!

Aly C. , married on 04/23/2021

Absolutely perfect

Jaime and the LoveGrace Weddings team is without a doubt the best people you can hire. We had the luxury of using LoveGrace 4 years ago for my sister’s wedding and she did such an amazing job it was not even a question to use her again!
Jaime goes above and beyond one’s expectations. I promise you, any detail that may slip your mind won’t slip past her! She made the stress of planning a wedding as seamless as can be. Jaime is more than just a planner and coordinator. She is a friend, a support system, your go-to-everything- person! You name it! The attention to details and the couple’s wishes really makes you feel like one in a million in the process. There is planning a wedding, and then there is planning a wedding with Jaime and LoveGrace Weddings. She is a GEM. You will not find a better team to carry out your wedding to perfection. I can honestly say I would not have changed a thing about any of it. Let me also preface this by saying, I am a perfectionist so that is a high bar to meet.
I cannot say enough good things about LoveGrace Weddings. The team, the people, the professionalism, and just love and effort they put towards making your day/event perfect is just exceptional. If you’re looking for someone to plan any sort of event THIS IS IT! Great service and great people. The best of everything.

Maya , married on 09/07/2019

The perfect planner for us!

LoveGrace Weddings is the absolute best wedding planner we could have went with. Jaime is invaluable & fantastic to work with. She’s very responsive and went above and beyond to make sure our wedding was as incredible as we envisioned it to be. We had a lot of moving pieces and throughout the process she demonstrated her deep knowledge of the event planning industry, our venue, worked well with all of our vendors, and kept us confident, calm, and excited. We did not have to worry about a single thing on our wedding day, Jaime and her team were always steps ahead. We highly recommend working with LoveGrace Weddings, it’ll be the best decision of many to be made in the planning process. 🙂

Posted 06/24/2018 by Anne D

Groom: A review is what one writes about cars or kitchen appliances. Having Jaime (LoveGrace Weddings + Events) handle our wedding was much, much more personal. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I had one chance to get this right, I can return a car or a toaster. Our wedding had to be exactly what we wanted and it was. Jaime exceeded our expectations and there are not enough stars to accurately rate her. We give her the milky way 🙂 Her taste, guidance, eye for detail was perfect. She is unflappable and resourceful. She knows how to apply just the right about of pressure to keep the ball rolling. I am tough on “vendors”, I notice everything. I could not be happier. Most importantly, my wife loved our wedding! We have beautiful, everlasting memories.
Bride: Look no further. Jaime is incredible. She went way, way above and beyond. She even took me wedding dress shopping and helped me select my dress. Jaime is the most responsive person I have ever known, hands down. When I first emailed her to have an initial conversation, she wrote back in under 5 minutes!! Jaime was ALWAYS available, even if it was just to listen to me. She did not miss a single thing and managed the thousand details, vendors and planning flawlessly. Beyond being a consummate professional, Jaime is a wonderful, warm, genuine person. She is exceedingly special. To a person, our guests have told us that ours was the one of the most beautiful and memorable weddings they have ever attended. To us, it was simply perfect. Thank you, Jaime, we love you :)) 


Rachel , married on 06/11/2017

Jaime was absolutely amazing! She’s responsive, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. People kept commenting on how calm I was, and it was all because I knew that Jaime had everything handled. Hiring Jaime was probably the best decision we made during our wedding planning process.
Posted 05/18/2017 by Jamie C 

Jaime was beyond amazing. I had contacted multiple wedding planners/coordinators on the phone and knew right away after speaking with her that she would be perfect, and I was right. She is very personable and so professional. She was so on top of everything and is very detail oriented. I could call or email her with any questions and she would get back to me right away. She also offered me great insight on some details that I needed help on. Myself, along with my family, groom, and venue were all impressed with her work. For anyone who is thinking of using Jaime, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Jaime for everything!!!

Dear Jaime,
It has taken me so long to send you a thank you note because for the life of me, I can’t express how much we appreciated your help with Jessica & Jason’s wedding. Despite the fact that we already planned one wedding with you, the second was just as stressful – that is, except for one thing…we knew that we had you here to help in every conceivable way!
No doubt, every client that works with you feels you are extraordinary. You always made us feel that no request was too difficult, no question too foolish, no concern too slight. I don’t know if you realize how rare & special that is. Each time I spoke with Jessica about something you had offered to take care of, her response would always be “I love Jaime!” Well, we all love you and hope that another happy occasion will bring us together again soon.
Fondly & most sincerely,
Laurie & Richard
Dear Jaime,
I apologize so much time has gone by in writing you to let you know how thrilled we all were with the job you did in making Meredith & Ben’s wedding a dream come true event; one we will treasure forever.
Everything you did, you did to perfection. It was such a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism, knowledge in event planning and your openness and ease with which you allowed for brainstorming ideas made for a most enjoyable exchange; one, resulting in a truly magical evening that surpassed our greatest expectations.
Everyone raved about the venue, the décor, the band, the food and the service and it was all thanks to you! Without meaning to, I think we set a new standard. Thank you for your hard work, your expertise and for making our special occasion a dream come true. It took me about ten days to come down from this ‘fabulous ride’. I only wish we could do it all over again.
With warmest regards,
Susan (a.k.a. MOB)
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